4. A Way Where There is No Way

I got myself in a real jam one time. I was on the south side of the central ranges of New Guinea. My destination was on the north side of the ranges. The lowest pass across the mountains in that area was 13,000 feet. But, from 10,000 feet upwards the mountains were crowned with cumulus clouds. So I picked out a low spot in the clouds and climbed for that. I was in a Cessna 185 with no turbocharger. The higher I went the less power my engine produced, and the slower I climbed.

The weather behind me had turned bad. There was no turning back. With nothing better to do, I kept climbing until I reached 20,000 feet. I was then Continue reading “4. A Way Where There is No Way”

3. The Beginning of The End

Recently I celebrated my 80th birthday preaching Jesus in the foothills of the Himalayas on my seventh annual trip to Nepal. The decade of my 80’s is going to be the most adventurous and exciting of all my decades so far. Not in going to Nepal. That’s one month a year to satisfy my yen for adventurous travel and activity. The real excitement is in the other 11 months, writing.

Writing may be my last assignment in this life. This is the beginning of it.

I have a lot of stories to tell, like the one depicted in the picture below. Continue reading “3. The Beginning of The End”

2. Story Teller to Story Writer

I have always been told I was a great story teller. People feel like they are right there with me. One lady, upon hearing one of my flying stories a second time, was convinced she was with me in the plane. It took a raised eyebrow from her husband to convince her she was not on that flight.

So now I am transitioning from being a good story teller to being a good story writer. I want to make people feel they are right there in the cockpit with me.

One of the biggest adventures in my life was discovering the wreck of a World War II aircraft at 14,000 feet in the high ranges of the western side of New Guinea. Continue reading “2. Story Teller to Story Writer”

1. In the Beginning

I have always thought: there must be more.

After graduating from high school and community college and getting a very comfy job at the IBM Product Development Laboratory I soon began to think: is this it? Do I do this for the next 40 years, getting occasional raises, a promotion or two, maybe even credit for a patent for the company? Then retire comfortably? The Great American Dream! Or, is there something more? Continue reading “1. In the Beginning”